HistoryMaps Project

HistoryMaps is dedicated to revolutionizing history education on a global scale, offering free, high-quality resources designed to make learning both accessible and engaging for everyone. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative design, we aim to transform historical study into a visually stimulating and enjoyable experience, encapsulated by our motto: "Learn History Visually." The goal of this shop is to sustain and support the project.

Digital painting of a bearded scholar in traditional attire deeply engrossed in reading a large book, seated on the floor of a room adorned with intricate Islamic art and architecture, with sunlight filtering through the window

We ❤️ Stories.

At HistoryMaps, we are passionate about bringing stories from the past and from every corner of the globe to our audience. Our website, accessible in 57 languages, boasts a 96% global reach, connecting us with users from diverse nations including Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, and beyond. Our commitment is to offer these captivating stories to everyone, free of charge. Since our inception, we've seen significant growth, and we remain dedicated to continuous innovation, ensuring that the rich tapestry of history is accessible to all.

  • Digital Artwork of Samurai bowing.

    Accuracy First

    HistoryMaps prioritizes historical accuracy, transparency, and reliability, grounding its content in thorough research cited with footnotes and sources. We makes mistakes but correct them fast.

  • Digital Artwork of a old Japanese man with kimono writing on a scroll.


    HistoryMaps integrates advanced technology such as AI, interactive maps, and timelines, and data science. We craft experience that is engaging and intuitive. Learning History should be fun and easy.

  • Digital Artwork of woman in kimono.


    HistoryMaps delivers premium high-tech learning experience with meticulously crafted, high-quality UX design. Education should be a five-star experience and we are dedicated towards this goal.